Success Stories

Nilantha's Story

When we first met Nilantha he was being kept in the most horrific conditions in a nearby orphanage. Nilantha was born quadriplegic and therefore had very little interaction with anyone at the orphanage. He was rarely washed, and was often left to stare at the ceiling alone all day without anyone for company. The staff told us that Nilantha never smiled and never made any noise. 3 years later and Nilantha now smiles and laughs every day! He has round the clock nursing care and his own special room filled with sensory objects for him to interact with- but his favourite thing of all is to sing along to his favourite band Queen!

Amanthi's Story

Amanthi was born with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told her that she would never walk or run or skip with the other children in the playground. After just 6 months of physiotherapy at Hopes and Dreams Village, at 4 years old she was finally able to take her very first steps.

Duminda's Story

Duminda lost both of his arms when he was very young in an accident. With the support of The Jaffna and Ontario Rotary Clubs the Manacare Foundation were able to get him a pair of prosthetic arms and for the first time in years he was able to write his own name.